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11.10.19 - Causerie d'artiste - Victor Piverno- Artist Talk

On Friday, October 11th, we invite you to CACHE STUDIO (2010 Cartier Street, Ontario East corner) for a meeting with the artist (starting @ 5 pm). WHAT TO EXPECT ? results of this experience and original Balada Tropical cocktail prepared by Víctor Piverno. 

DARE-DARE welcomes Víctor Piverno as part of MONTRÉAL HAVANA : rencontres en art actuel/encuentros de arte contemporaneo (September 24th to October 2oth 2019) for a residency of research and production of three weeks. The artist will perform an original ephemeral artistic intervention near the artist center. For more info:

Víctor Piverno is a young Cuban artist who graduated from the Superior Institute of Arts (ISA) in 2014 ; however he is already recognized in the national artistic panorama because of his particular way of working and the subjects he deals with. His sculptures and sound installations - singular media with which the artist works- establish a direct dialogue with nature and seek to evoke the past and explore the historical memory of contemporary individuals. Within the Cuban context, Piverno has managed to build his own language of great visual richness, which has placed him, without any doubt, among the most promising emerging artists of Cuba



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