Carte Blanche Series


Luminous Vessels

TAP Art Space is proud to present Luminous Vessels, a two-artist exhibition including Toronto based emerging artists, Jasmin Amoako and Phuong Nguyen.

In Luminous Vessels, Amoako’s and Nguyen’s work perform in synchrony and in synergy, yet through their own particular cultural examinations. Departing from personal experiences, they openly share their questioning of authenticity, self-identification and healing in the context of the north-american cultural expectations.

Jasmin Amoako is an artist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Amoako fosters attitudes of care in the community by validating Black womanhood-specifically, navigating how the idea of womanhood can be destabilized or validated through dismissing or engaging with western beauty ideals.

Phuong Nguyen is an artist and art therapist that currently practices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Nguyen is a second generation refugee currently interested in making work about trauma and its disruption of knowledge passing, self-discovery through self-tokenization and healing.