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Soft Edges - Kristi Ropeleski, Erik Nieminen, Eric Carlos Bertrand, 23.11.23 - 17.12.23

Soft Edges


This exhibition presents the work of three artists who, each in their way, have systematized the simultaneous exploration of distinct styles. In painting especially, elaborating such a varied body of work is counter-intuitive and risky, as the art market's valuation depends on the equivalence between style and signature, the supposed guarantor of a monetizable aura. This is why the most expensive artworks in the world are still and always are paintings. 

Proponents of this approach must fight the forces that drive them to reproduce monolithic identity coordinates, the remnants of pruning, renunciation, oblivion and crime. Without defined contours, frayed, patched-up identity opens up towards horizons devoid of obvious consonances. A practice that inserts this complexity into representation complicates any interpretation but enhances the creative process and how we experience its fruits.

In this case, the porous contiguity of three arborescent bodies of work deconstructs curatorial reflexes based on the presumed integrity of the individual by elevating to a third power the already multiplied possibilities. What we are, but also what we have been, what we do, could have been, what we dreamed of doing, what we wanted to be and wanted to do. Ultimately, it is by assuming all our intimate virtualities that we will escape the infernal tyranny of conformism and the programmed gluttony of the so-called intelligent machine. 

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