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Le monde réel ne peut satisfaite les aspirations de l'esprit, 16.02.2023 - 12.03.2023

Photographer Gerardo Klint Montiel,

"Nature does not only manifest by itself. Its representation before the rational world allows us to place ourselves outside our selves to try to satisfy the spirit's longings. How can we seize the cadence in the tidal wave of interior storms? How can we take a peek and freely throw ourselves into psychological nature? The instant as an event, to then experience subjective inner time. « Le monde réel ne peut satisfaire les aspirations de l’esprit », is a selection of works from the FINLAND series (2018-2022) made in Canada and Mexico. In Spanish, the word Finland suggests a play on words. FINLAND; is the end of the earth, the end of the journey, of that strange phenomenon we call photography. Gerardo Montiel Klint (Mexico.1968). Photographer, teacher and writer, he is especially interested in the photographic image as a phenomenon of ideological transition and its repercussions on the public agenda. His work can be found in museums in the USA, Japan, China, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Hungary and Mexico. He is member of the National System of Creators of Art, was awarded the acquisition Prize at the XIII and XI Biennials of Photography Mexico, and the silver Mexican Medal of Bellas Artes 2008. He is Co-founder of Hydra platform, an advisor to EXIT magazine (Spain), advisor to Getty Foundation and San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts MOPA SD 2013-2017 (USA), member of the advisory board of Alquimia magazine (Sistema Nacional de Fototecas, Mexico). His professional activity concerns photography and image, and oscillates between exhibitions of his work, curatorship, consultancies to museums and publishers as well as and theoretical production.

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