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Émile Brunet

The Unicorn Hunters


08.06.24 - 07.07.24 





Brunet_01_01_Chasseur de Licornes No.9 - Adriana copie_web.JPG

Emile Brunet, chasseur de Licornes #9 / Adriana, oil on wood panel, 16"x20", 2023


Emile Brunet

The Unicorn Hunters

08.06.24 - 06.02.24

Émile Brunet's paintings are often associated with those of Bosch or Bruegel. Certainly, his world is reminiscent of these great Flemish artists, but the obvious anachronism of his world opens up their interpretation to a poetic and political dimension. Is the object of their quest imaginary or metaphorical? Is it a way of celebrating a return to the old ways of subsistence and lifestyles, the kind, for example, sought by young market gardeners leaving the big city to cultivate their gardens? These characters' attributes, apparel and equanimous pride suggest a secret society united in the peace provided by a mysteriously familiar lifestyle.


As you may also have noticed, many of the paintings in the series contain portraits of real people. Indeed, the paintings Émile exhibited at Galerie Cache for Domestique (2023) provoked a great deal of interest, with many visitors expressing a desire to see themselves or their loved ones included in the world of these whimsical hunters. The challenge was taken up by the artist, and the results are surprising both in terms of the quality of the rendering and the ease with which he integrated these people into this marvellous habitat. 


Come to think of it, our desire to enter the fabulous world of the Unicorn Hunters, to be part of it, is in accord with the paradoxical nature of nostalgia, which, in short, is regret for a time that never existed. The impossible and probable world has always been the domain of painting: Émile has found a very pleasant way of reminding us of this!

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