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Domestic, 26.11.22 - 23.12.22


Valérie Gilbert

Felix Hould

Laurent Le bel-Roux

Simon Petepiece

Annie Régol

Saul Sanchez

Justine Skahan

David Stewart

Brad Woodfin

Heidi Daehler

Marjolaine Bourdua

Émile Brunet

Pierre Durette


All human adventures involve a transactional relationship with nature; they, therefore, unavoidably participate in the conceptions we entertain concerning nature. Furthermore, because we know that they tend to conceal the effects the have on their object, they seem more and more absurd. This might explain the increasing importance of the self-reflexive tendencies of current cultural manifestations. Perhaps modernity's obsession with the autonomy of its means was merely a preamble to an autoscopic vision opened to less corrosive endeavors for the future of our world. The title of this exhibition is obviously ironic. The works in this exhibition are so to a greater or lesser extent. As a group, however, they bring to light the artificial and domestic aspects of all representations, preparing us for the eventuality of a more harmonious lifestyle.

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