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David Gagnon

David Gagnon lives and works in Montreal and Val-David. He graduated from UQAM in visual and media arts. He has exhibited his works in several Montreal Maisons de la Culture, at the Maison de arts de Laval and at the Musée d'art contemporain des Laurentides. In 2012, he stayed in Basel as part of one of the CALQ artist residencies.​

Painting and reading create a spatio-temporal crucible which is usually specific to them. In the works of David Gagnon they seem to merge.

Cover, blank text, gutter, spine, nerve, endorsement, spine, title piece, gamekeeper, page, foot blank, in short, the body of the book, on the one hand, or frame, false frame, panel, canvas, passe-partout, brace, glaze, impasto, marouflage, all of this comes together in an impossible topography patiently and methodically constructed, of worlds bearing worlds.

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