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Master Class: la technique de la peinture à l’huile
de Rosalie Gamache

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The objective of the conference is to dissect all the materials that make up an oil painting, from the support to the final varnish, in order to better understand their usefulness and their particularities. 

La conférence sera divisée en 8 volets :

1. Les supports

2. Les enduits

3. Les pigments

4. Les huiles

5. Les résines

6. Les solvants

7. Les vernis

8. L’application du procédé


Conférence offerte le mardi 17 mai 2022, de 18h00 à 21h00

Prix : 50,00 $

Durée totale : 3 heures

About Rosalie Gamache

Rosalie Gamache is an artist who lives and works between Montreal and Quebec. In 2013, she studied in Italy at the Florence Classical Art Academy, a Russian school of fine arts. She was then introduced to oil painting and perfected her mastery of the representation of the human figure. Upon her return to the country in 2014, she settled in Quebec and perfected her painting technique thanks to a private mentorship at the Académie des beaux-arts de Québec with the artist Denis Jacques. At the same time, she obtained a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts at Laval University, which she completed with a semester of studies at the Marseille-Méditerranée School of Art and Design. His unique career, halfway between fine arts and contemporary art, leads him to develop an approach that updates the medium of painting by revisiting the portrait and still life in an intimate way. Passionate about the history of oil painting and its techniques, Rosalie Gamache pays particular attention to the respect and transmission of the ancient techniques with which she works.

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