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Les imagiers de la matière 17.11.21 - 19.12.21

Artists Curator

Rosalie Gamache Mathilde Bois Sébastien Gaudette Marie-Claude Lacroix Olivier Moisan Dufour Alexandre Pépin Eric Carlos Bertrand

The same procedure: building objects, staging them then paint or drawing them with an accuracy equal to the part left to chance in their creation. Rosalie Gamache lets plaster trickle and congeal on knick-knacks and other everyday objects; Olivier Moisan Dufour builds improbable structures in pallet wood. Marie-Claude Lacroix designs small theaters where construction materials meet under high tension. Alexandre Pépin models shapeless objects in plasticine and arranges them on an imaginary plane as makeshift inventories. Eric Carlos Bertrand models small figures still embedded in the mass of clay they came from. Sébastien Gaudette begins his process with a more concise gesture: crumpling sheets of paper.

This collection of assortments, products of happenstance and play, are captured in slick images that transform them, precisely because the material they are made of - plaster congealed in cascading flow, crumpled paper, worn wooden planks, viscous and sharp building materials or ductile plasticine and clay - are perfectly translated to the paint medium. If the purpose of illusionist techniques is to make the surface of the painting and the materiality of the pigments invisible, which disappear as it depicts an object, the singular approach of these artists results in matter being situated on the other side of the canvas, as an object of representation: painting seeks to materialize in the image of something that resembles it, something eminently indeterminate, namely the texture, the concreteness of the objects.

Meticulous representation of the indistinct, sanitization of the formless: the whole point of these practices is to confront us with perfect resemblance, as inherited from centuries of improvements in the pictorial tradition, ressemblance that are paradoxically unrecognizable, that open towards an experience that is less about identifying what appears and more about the disturbing effect of a wavering presence.

Olivier Moisan Dufour

Olivier Moisan Dufour holds a bachelor's degree (2017) and a master's degree (2019) in visual arts from the School of Art at Laval University. His research implies a to and fro between sculpture and painting centered on the use of to recycled wood that he assembles intuitively. Since 2005, he has participated in group exhibitions in Quebec and Central America as well as in Europe, and has presented his work on the occasion of several individual exhibitions, including Idée d'Objet at the Galerie des arts visuels de Laval University in 2019. An active member of his community, Olivier Moisan Dufour has also contributed to several public art events.

Marie Claude Lacroix

Marie-Claude Lacroix is a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Concordia University. Devoting herself to the medium of oil painting, her work reflects her concerns related to is interested in compartmentalization, control, ambiguity and psychology. She transforms micro-sculptures staged as models into images using photography. Recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields scholarship and the Dale and Nick Tedeschi Studio Arts Fellowship, Marie-Claude Lacroix has participated in several group exhibitions. His artistic corpus has been the subject of two recent solo exhibitions, at the AVE gallery in 2019 and at Never Apart in 2020.

Alexandre Pépin

With bachelor's degree in Studio Arts from Concordia University in Montreal (2016), Alexandre Pépin is currently a candidate for a master's degree in visual arts (MFA Studio Arts) at the University of Texas at Austin. An adept of abstraction, of the vanitas genre and open-air painting, he uses the medium of oil painting to represent different states of organic matter to explore an interest in embodied existence and the theme of impermanence. Recipient of several scholarships, including the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation in 2019 grant, he has participated in several group exhibitions in Canada and the United States.

Sébastien Gaudette

In 2015, Sébastien Gaudette completed a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Since then, his works have been the subject of several individual exhibitions in Quebec and has been acquired by a number of cultural institutions, including the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art. He has also been invited to present his work at international fairs and museum auctions. Driven by an investigation on the properties of the medium and the printed image, Gaudette's work revolves around the gestures of folding and crumpling paper, He has has recently been begun parallel investigations in writing.

Rosalie Gamache

After a year of studing at the Florence Classical Art Academy, Rosalie Gamache obtained in 2018 a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts at Laval University while working as a portrait artist and teaching at the Académie des beaux-arts de Québec where she is also the deputy director. Drawing on the tradition of the fine arts, her work explores of the possibilities offered by the pictorial techniques of the realist tradition. She constantly seeks to update of the classic genres of the portrait and still life and to deepen her research on themes like opacity and illusion.

Eric Carlos Bertrand

Canadian-Mexican painter, sculptor, conceptual artist and writer, Eric Carlos Bertrand lives in Montreal and Mexico City. He has exhibited individually in Mexico, Canada, Spain, Colombia, Finland and Germany and has received several production and travel grants from the Government of Canada and Quebec, as well as a grant to complete his master's of ministry. of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. He is fascinated by the evolution of the conception of “style” in painting, and more particularly by the role that this notion plays, through history, in the construction of a normative reference scale for painters and historians of art.ens de l’art.

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